Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project Sweet Tooth : Merger!

Where have I been? Paris!

That's right, I've finally accomplished my mission and ate my way through the city of love and pastries. Not only that, I've got something tasty to share with you all…

Project Sweet Tooth is merging with Gastrophoria (my other food blog... don't ask) and has a new home at!

Just like a hermit crab, I've shed my old home (it was a good run dear Blogspot) and designed a new one entirely from scratch. Powered by Wordpress, it's now better, stronger and tastier!

Some of the improvements include bigger photos, better organization with the site split into five sections:

1. A Spot of Tsz: self musings
2. Fooding Guide: must-share restaurant finds
3. Gastro-Remix: kitchen experiments
4. Nuanced Pig: shrine to bacon and its porky counterparts
5. Project Sweet Tooth: all about desserts and my dream trip to Paris

So, don't hesitate and visit me at! Bon appetit!
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